The firm of Carter Law Office, PC. specializes in Real Estate Law and Estate Planning. Carter Law Office, PC. has locations in Massachusetts and New Hampshire with offices in Reading, Massachusetts; Plymouth, Massachusetts; and Londonderry, New Hampshire. The law firm’s emphasis is on representing buyers, sellers, and lenders during the real estate closing process. 

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The mission of Carter Law Office, PC is to have the buyer, seller, and broker as well informed as possible about the closing process from the initial client meeting to well past the eventual signing of the papers. We accomplish this through communication, personalized attention, and constant updates of the client’s particular closing as it progresses.

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Buyer Services

For buyers we review the offer, review and negotiate the terms of the purchase and sale agreement, review buyer’s lender’s mortgage commitment letter, monitor important time sensitive dates, prepare the buyer for their closing, review seller’s deed, attend closing, and prepare homestead affidavits.

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Seller Services

For sellers we review the offer, draft and negotiate the terms of the purchase and sale agreement,   do a one owner search of the property which allows us to ferret out any potential  title issues early in the closing process, order mortgage payoff figures, address title issues,  prepare deed, prepare powers of attorney, and  attend the closing.

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