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Decades of Experience

The firm of Carter Law Office, PC. specializes in Real Estate Law and Estate Planning. Carter Law Office, PC has locations in Massachusetts and New Hampshire with offices in Reading, Massachusetts; Plymouth, Massachusetts; and Londonderry, New Hampshire. The law firm’s emphasis is on representing buyers, sellers, and lenders during the real estate closing process. The firm spends a considerable amount time conducting buyer, seller, lender, and broker seminars. Please see the Upcoming Events section of this web site for information on upcoming seminars.

The mission of Carter Law Office, PC is to have the buyer, seller, and broker as well informed as possible about the closing process from the initial client meeting to well past the eventual signing of the papers. We accomplish this through communication, personalized attention, and constant updates of the client’s particular closing as it progresses.  Our clients all have access to our many seminars and materials that we have developed over the years as they relate to the buying and selling of a person’s home.


Our Team

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We are a smaller and well-experienced real estate law firm with an emphasis on residential closings. We have offices in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. We are a title agent for most major title insurance companies and therefore can write title insurance policies for all of our Massachusetts and New Hampshire clients. Being a smaller office affords us an opportunity to have a more personalized approach with all of our buyer, seller, and lender clients.

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Richard M. Carter

  • Admitted to Massachusetts and New Hampshire Bar

  • Twenty-five years of experience with residential real estate closings

  • Currently instructing broker continuing education courses

  • Continuously conducting Buyer, Seller, Broker seminars

  • Current co-host of the Real Estate House Party Podcast

  • Previously co-hosted Keeping it Real Estate as heard on North Shore 104.9 FM

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Renee S. Carter

  • Admitted to Massachusetts Bar

  • Licensed Massachusetts Real Estate instructor

  • Founder of Keeping it Real Estate Academy

  • Experience with broker continuing education and licensing courses

  • Continuously conducting Buyer, Seller, Broker Seminars

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Kathleen T. Holtshouser

  • Twenty-five years of experience with residential real estate closings

  • Currently instructing continuing education courses

  • Past instructor for paralegals at Northeastern University

  • Continuously conducting Buyer, Seller, Broker seminars

  • Current co-host of the Real Estate House Party Podcast

  • Previously co-hosted Keeping it Real Estate as heard on North Shore 104.9 FM

One of the biggest benefits to working with our office is that we take a very personalized approach to the closing process. Every client will have the attorney’s cell phone number. We can meet with the client at any time. This includes evening appointments and/or weekend appointments. We have a considerable amount of written material that we have developed over the years that we can forward a client which might shed some light on the upcoming closing process. We have some helpful buyer and seller check-lists that clients seem to appreciate. We are constantly doing buyer and seller seminars that any of our clients can attend. We have always found that the more knowledgeable the client is the less intimating the process will be.


Another benefit to working with Carter Law Office is that with our many years of experience we seem to be able to successfully handle all of the major and minor hurdles that come up during the closing process. We have a quick turn-around time for the review of purchase and sale agreements. We are associated with title examiners in every registry in Massachusetts and New Hampshire and therefore we uncover title issues early in the closing process.   Since we have been practicing for such a long period of time we have forged many solid and valuable relationships with the many lenders, brokers, and fellow attorneys that may be involved with the closing. Those relationships seem to assist us in successfully navigating through the many land-mines that we may encounter during the closing process. But our biggest claim of fame, which  still exists as it did when we first started as a real estate closing law office, is that we can close any loan 24 hours a day 7 days a week at any location.

Real Estate Podcast

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Real Estate House Party has Attorney Rick Carter, Paralegal Kathy Holtshouser, Comedian Tony V, and a guest from the real estate community discuss in an entertaining way a particular real estate subject. Whether you are buying a home, selling a home or just leasing or owning a home you should be able to get some valuable tips from the podcast.

For the past few episodes there have been discussions on (i) what a seller and their broker should be disclosing to a potential buyer (ii) do you need a buyer agent (iii) what a seller agent’s duties are; (iv) how do you get qualified for a mortgage loan.

For upcoming shows there will be discussions on (i) what goes into an offer;  (ii) what strategies should a buyer undertake if a buyer’s offer is constantly being rejected; (iii) reverse mortgages; (iv) flipping properties; (v) staging properties; (vi) technology in today’s real estate environment; (vii) mortgage financing options; (viii) how to improve your credit scores.